At the beginning of science Galileo divided the world into the domain of science, or that which can be measured, and the domain of the church, that which could not be measured. Since that time the second realm has been shrinking. As our technology advances we are able to measure more and more of the subtle domains that were once though unmeasurable. The realm of emotion and thought is being imaged with fMRI and qEEG in greater and greater detail. The discovery of the DMN has unveiled the source of the ego and we can measure its activity and impact on the body. Some labs believe they have isolated the EEG patterns associated with specific words and thoughts.


This powerful new level of technological skill has allowed us to monitor experts in meditation and prayer as they engage their skills. We can see their neural patterns and teach these patterns to others using EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback. The path to the realm of the ineffable and the spirit can now be more specifically articulated and seekers can be more carefully guided. We have done qEEG brainmaps of individuals who thought they had been meditating for years but were not really being very effective at it. We could see this when we reviewed their results in the maps- because we knew how these maps should look. Consequently, we were able to assist them through neuromonitoring and neurofeedback and biofeedback to enhance their practice. Individuals who thought they were doing the best breathing practices which they learned in yoga classes would find that there were errors in their technique when it was reflected back to them through biofeedback.

In the west we have focused on technology more than spirituality over the centuries but now that technology is bring us full circle. Physics has hit a wall. Consciousness is part of the equation and physics is wrestling with its meaning. This is the realm of spirit. The universe is in suspension in another realm before the wave function collapses into this realm through the process of conscious awareness. As people return from death through the modern miracles of technology, they bring inexplicable reports of other dimensions. We now know that the universe goes far beyond the narrow range of electromagnetic activity that we are can perceive with our senses alone. Ben Johnson was fooling himself and David Hume was not. The true skeptic is even skeptical of his own cravings and beliefs. The true scientist knows that verbal and mathematical language utilized through the scientific method can only lead to conclusions that great epistemologist of science, Karl Popper said are “Probably not wrong.”

When we cease to be afraid to step fully into the realm of the unknown a special magic happens. We move into the heart of the creative force of the universe and a higher language becomes discernible. We become unified with what the physicist David Bohme called the implicate order. At every instant the universe collapses and is reborn anew. The raster of our conscious universe is refreshed and the source of this is what the Buddhists call the Void; the unnamable source of all things. Here in the realm of universal potential all thought, feeling, space, time and matter converge into the ecstatic brilliance of Shakti or spirit as it marbles the infinite peaceful black void of Brahma or God that holds a billion universes. Our birthright is the ability to turn our consciousness in a direction within that allows us to step into that sacred space for an eternal instant and become a part of God deeply appreciating and celebrating his own existence. The science of spirit has helped guide me to this sacred space and I see that I have always been there and that we have always been there- but you must see it in this life yourself to really appreciate it. And you can. That is why we are here.

Technology is the new way of spirit in the west. It is our dharma, our path to insight.

I am that I am.  Thou Art That.

Namaste, Agape and Peace



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