The Automatic Self Lectures

Live lectures over the internet exploring the concepts and ideas in the book The Automatic Self as well as an opportunity to ask questions and get answers. Send us your email address if you would like to attend:                                                                           Cost: Free

Courses: All courses are done live over the internet. Some training is group training and some training is private, based on individual needs. Completion is based on achieving a good skill set. For many levels the cost includes the purchase of biofeedback equipment involved in training. Financing is available.

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The Process: The Course

Level One: Learning the Basic Concepts

It is important to have a well defined map of the road you are taking and a deep understanding of the forces you will be confronting in your journey to integrate your “self” and clear a path to Liberation. You must learn to recognize where you truly stand before you move forward on your spiritual journey. You need to have a tool box of well forged and integrated concepts to engage the challenges of ignorance and overcome the subtle pattern of attachments that undermine your efforts and that elude detection. It is important to acquire a vehicle and method that will sustain you through your journey. Your vehicle and method must be grounded in direct experience and genuine insight that leads to an authentic outcome. These are the first critical steps of your journey. Through group interaction and individual consult you will acquire the skill set you need to move to your next level of Insight.

Contribution: $ 20.00

Level Two: Integrating the Body-Mind

This training teaches control of autonomic functions, such as breathing and heart rate, and is part of the critical preparations for successful meditation. Often these methods are taught incorrectly as their original purpose was lost over the centuries and degenerated into complexity and virtuosity based on the need to achieve and prove superior skill. We use biofeedback equipment to train you in these methods so you can empirically monitor your efforts and confirm your progress. The methods taught here are based on careful science and historical research on the topic as well as decades of clinical experience training others in biofeedback and neuromeditation.

Contribution: $250.00


Level Three: Resolving the Trauma of Socialization

Everyone wants to immediately plunge into the practice of meditation but traditionally initiates were required to go through many exercises and methods designed to help them overcome stumbling blocks to good practice. These stumbling blocks arise from the trauma we all experience in our journey to become a “self” among other “selfs” around us. For some it is greater than others and many find it nearly impossible to sit because of subclinical depression, anxiety and agitation arising from their socialization experience. Most don’t even recognize they have these problems and then get easily frustrated with their daily practice. In this level of the course we use Neuro Monitoring, a technique developed by Maxwell Cade and Anna Wise, to guide you with brainwave monitoring into deep states. These liminal states can be used to guide your dreaming and dissolve samskaric patterns that express themselves in emotional imbalance.

Contribution: $300.00


Level Four: Developing Profound Attention

Contrary to popular myth, meditation is not exciting and easy to do. For most individuals it will be the most difficult skill they ever learn. There are numerous obstacles and roadblocks along the way.   Many people become easily frustrated and fall off the path. Many of the methods taught are either incorrect or confusing to the beginner. Even those with an established practice are often surprised to find that they are not doing as well as they thought when they are monitored with brainwave equipment. The key to meditation is understanding the true goal and purpose of the method as well as identifying the state of Profound Attention which is at its core. Technology now allows us to identify this state and enhance it through cybernetic interface. For decades I have been successfully teaching this method to others with the use of Neuromonitoring equipment. With this approach most individuals can learn to achieve high levels of Insight and Liberation as well as direct experience of Unity.

Contribution: $300.00



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