Personal Experience vs. Textual Authority


The written word can only become the Living WORD when it is absorbed, experienced and integrated by the organism.  It has no life until consciousness is focused upon it, like the collapse of the wave function.  It has no authenticity until it has been experienced through the life process.  You can memorize the words, but until you apply them and synthesize them- until they become your own, then they are dead words with no true meaning behind them.  They become the tools of power and the rhetoric of Priests and Politicians who want to bend everyone to their purposes.   This was dramatically expressed in the recent popular movie “The Book of Eli.”  Their purposes are always well phrased and well justified but quietly self-serving.  They are offered with side dishes of fear, deception, and lies- for our own good of course.

The Servants of Mammon have been at it for thousands of years and generally very successful.  Each new generation that is born on this planet and in this dimension is seduced and entranced by the visions these Spin Masters weave.  They set up governments, churches, temples and laws to be sure.  Their Kingdom is in the fragmented external world of impermanence but the Kingdom within operates on different principles and is eternal.  To enter this Kingdom it is necessary to find the door and knock.  Finding the correct door is the most difficult part as there are a lot of constant distractions.  Figuring out how to knock is the second tricky part.

The texts of religion have been miscopied, intentionally altered, or distorted by official commentaries that change them just enough to be a utility for those who wish to consume everything as much as possible.  It has been done in all the teachings throughout the centuries.  It is presently well documented by scholarship.  We invite you to educate yourself and read about it through the links provided.  In this process that the “Keys to the Kingdom” have been withheld from the people.  Our walk through this dimension is first and foremost about our spiritual growth.  This is part of the original teachings- “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else will follow.” Those who do not understand this will find this planet like the descriptions of Hell.  Spiritual life is not about what happens here but about how we respond to it and what we do with it.  This is a dimension of rapid transformation and transcendence, but we become lost in the details.  Those who rely on false texts without internal verification of personal authentic insight are destined for spiritual poverty and the endless suffering it generates.

Science and the technologies of the west are hurtling toward the conclusion that in our effort to define and control the universe we cannot fully understand the solution until we understand consciousness.  This dilemma forces us to redefine ourselves and how we think, feel and do.   Science is about authentic empirical confirmation and verification. It is about sharing and consensus.  It is about the right to disagree and explore alternative explanations.  It is about freedom of thought and expression.  It too has a pure spirit and it too is often perverted by Mammon.  Now science offers us the opportunity to empirically experiment and confirm authentic spiritual experience.  Over the decades much research has been done.  We are developing a GPS system for navigating consciousness and identifying the spiritual components.  Now we have the tools to move away from patriarchal self-serving authority and move into a community that systematically explores and authenticates spiritual experience, making it more accessible to everyone at the highest levels.  Through scholarship and scientific research we can liberate the spirit from the ignorant fear based and devastating oppression of Traditional Authority.




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