Getting Started: A Beginners Guide to TechGnosticism


There are presently several researchers and developers of this technology, but it is still a small group.  As we discover their whereabouts and their ideas we will present them on this site to help you contact them and explore their methods.

Reading about this alone will get you nowhere.  This is definitely not a spectator sport.  Participation is the key.  Practice, which unfortunately for those of us in the west is a difficult word to think about, is also required.  Just thinking about these things is exciting but it becomes a fairly empty pursuit after a while.  Having experiences is the whole point.  These experiences can often be fairly subtle but powerful.  In truth they are not really subtle, it is just that as a culture we are tuned to events that are external, perceptual, dramatic and exciting.  The realm of spiritual experiences are very often internal, intuitive, and subtle but profound.  Usually overwhelmingly profound . . .  and words often fail us in trying to communicate these experiences.

Meditation is a great first step but most of us in the west get lost in it fairly quickly.  It is tedious, boring, and hard to measure in terms of progress; and we are all about progress!  Where is the better me!  Where is my special purpose!  Unfortunately it is locked up in the tedious present in a manner we cannot see.  WE have not been trained to see.  We have not tuned our nervous systems to see.    We go to yoga classes and retreats but it all seems to end in naught but frustration.

We are all scientists in the west whether we like it or not.  In the end we are all from Missouri- “Show Me” we say.  And so the Yogis of the East came and they showed us.  We were too distracted by psychedelics and The American Dream to catch it.  It was buried in the back of the New York Times.  Unfortunately a lot of the Yogis got distracted by American Culture as well.  Lost in women, money and power- readily available here.

What they showed us became known as biofeedback.  It is here and quietly growing.  The US is now the Yoga capital of the world.  It is also the Biofeedback capitol.  As it turns out, you can use electronic equipment to measure your central nervous system and get concrete feedback on your progress as you learn to control it and tune it for spiritual experiences and the altered states of consciousness associated with them.  There are two inexpensive but powerful tools you can buy on the market today to begin exploring this unexciting but profound aspect of life.  We recommend you just buy them and play with them for a while, then tune in to our columns and posts to explore with us and vent your weenie beginner frustrations ( we are all weenie whining newbies at first- “why does this have to be sooo hard?”).

This link takes you to the emwave device, a little pricey but a very well made and a powerful tool.

This link takes you to the cheaper and older style GSR feedback.  Tones are not as nice and doesn’t have fancy lights but works very well.




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