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The purpose of this site is to assist in the liberation of all those attracted to transformation and transcendence through technologies both ancient and modern combined. The original teachings have been hidden in the present canons and lost to posterity. What remains are misunderstandings, distortions and lies. New wine was poured into old skins, revolutionary insights were buried in old delusions.

The New Host

Through modern technologies we can come together in new ways to transform our selves, our world and our dimension.  We can harness science to develop new and more efficient methods to access our spiritual resources and to better understand the meaning of our journey together.

Spiritual Praxis: Spiritual Technology

We employ both traditional and modern technologies in our spiritual practice. We recognize the validity of a wide range of approaches. For most individuals the first encounter with an advanced spiritual state is spontaneous and brief. It is this type of experience that generally inspires them to enter a search or spiritual journey to recover that experience. This type of experience can occur watching a sunset, being present at a birth, after ingesting a hallucinogenic drug, after a great loss or even in the heat of battle. They may meet with many different teachers and experiment with many different methods along the way. Each of these encounters as well as each of the challenges in their life will enhance their spirit and deepen their understanding if they confront them with the proper perspective; that these are living teachings.

Didactic vs Living Praxis
There are two aspects to learning, didactic learning (book & classroom learning) and Praxis (practical hands on learning and application). Most of us benefit from both but the Praxis aspect is critical in this dimension of being. The emphasis in the teachings is on action, on application. One learns through effort and the application of principles in daily life. From this comes insight and transformation. Transformation leads to transcendence, liberation, and Christ Consciousness. The written word is transformed through the spiritual action of the organism into the Living Word, Logos.

Contemplation, Prayer & Meditation
Those who feel chosen find themselves compelled to pray and meditate. The contemplation of our circumstance in this dimension leads us to insights that usually end in the same profound state that moves us into prayer. Prayer is the quiet repetition of words of gratitude that lead to the internal silence of meditation. The internal silence of meditation culminates in transcendent insight leading to what is variously labeled as Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature, Prakriti, Tao . These are of one piece and they represent an ancient process that cannot be denied. So it is written that “I am in God and God is in me.” The complete submission of the self to the Holy is a natural reflexive response and not an act of will.

Acts of Compassion
Through action we integrate what we have learned and add to it. Action is a medium of transformation in this dimension. Through applying what we have learned we gain greater insight and depth of understanding. This insight and depth brings us closer to God. We become “Christ Like” through acts of compassion. This is how we build our spiritual strength and wisdom. By meeting the challenges of relationship and applying the principles of compassion we grow into a state of being that is reflective of the God that created all that is before us. This action often leads to friction and suffering, but it is by letting go of our own attachments and addictions that we transcend our suffering and become reborn into a transcendent state of awareness and the Kingdom of Heaven. Getting along with others is the greatest challenge before us. Encountering an argument or conflict in our daily life is a gift, an opportunity to gain wisdom and insight. It requires great sacrifices and all of our wisdom. The hardest part of self-sacrifice is to learn to experience it as a privilege and opportunity for giving and this is why “ it is greater to give than to receive.” Spiritual growth is a process of letting go and giving away. Letting go of cherished ways of thinking, feeling and doing that are centered around meeting only our own needs; Letting go of our addiction to our own likes and dislikes. Letting go of our egos. Sooner or later we must learn to let go of all of it if we wish to be one with God. At a certain point letting go becomes fulfillment. Less is more. Gaining wisdom is about emptying ourselves and not filling ourselves. When you live in Christ Consciousness in your Buddha Nature through Prakriti, you live in a state of eternal fulfillment. You cannot buy your way out of suffering, lie your way out of suffering or fight your way out of suffering. It won’t work. They are only temporary solutions. This is why ”it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Transcendent Experience
This can come from any peak experience that brings us to a moment of internal silence and unity when the activity of ego is momentarily suspended. It could emerge from almost any experience in almost any time or place. Often it occurs during a moment of direct insight when the implications of an action or idea lead to a profound experience of integration and connectivity with the universe. Extreme versions of this are sudden relief from profound suffering or Life after Death Experiences. These experiences invite us to look further and to seek a more frequent encounter with these sacred moments. The US Census data tells us that this occurs to a majority of people in our country. Everyone is called at some point to witness the profound perfection and unity of all that is before them and within them. Not everyone listens. So it is written, “many are called but few are chosen.”

Breathing techniques have been used for thousands of years to attain states of consciousness that lead to spiritual experiences. Some might ask why someone needs to attain a special state of consciousness to experience God. The reason is that modern science demonstrates that in our day to day experiences we are constantly changing states of conscious awareness but we don’t notice it. These states of consciousness usually limit our awareness to a small area of our ability to experience the world. To experience God requires all of our abilities because it requires our full potential to experience. This demands a lot of effort on the part of our nervous system and other aspects of our being, however brief, and it may be likened to climbing a mountain or preparing our household for a wedding. Learning to breathe properly can assist our body and mind to be more prepared. This experience will not be to go out of ourselves, but to go into ourselves and this is why it is written that “the Kingdom of Heaven is Within.”

Reading Scripture
Didactic Learning, learning from scripture, is also an important component for preparing for the wedding feast within. To meet God requires an open and flexible mind since you are going to experience the infinite source of all things. This requires mental strength, flexibility, and insight. The ability to think metaphorically is important. The ancients used to practice dream interpretation to prepare better to understand the language of God. The teachings are not meant to be understood literally, that is why the majority of them are in the form of metaphor. This is to encourage people to read scripture in terms of metaphor and not literally. A literal interpretation leads to error and confusion. This is specifically explained in the teachings, for “those who have ears to hear.” The Son of God is born within us when we read the teachings through metaphor and the “door is opened.” This is why it is a virgin birth.

Vows of Silence and Sensory Deprivation
A common spiritual practice in all cultures and times going back deep into the oral traditions of even primitive tribes was isolation and sensory deprivation. This typically included silence and minimal food intake or fasting. The vision quest comes from this ancient paradigm and it was adapted by the early Christian Desert Fathers. We know from their reports as well as modern research that these activities lead to altered states of consciousness, visions, and spiritual experiences. Great saints and spiritual teachers have engaged in these practices throughout the Christian experience but they are always minimized by a priesthood that is jealous of its power because they know and are afraid of the spiritual power that direct experience can provide a seeker. These are the “hypocrites.”

Music and Singing
Contrary to the opinions of those without authentic spiritual experience, music is a sacred exercise. Unfortunately it often gets perverted for pure entertainment purposes. Even in this form it has the power to transform its practitioners and their vision into spiritual quests. Those who employ it knowing its sacred value, often disguise it as entertainment, and in this manner secretly teach those who are ready to listen to its deeper message. We have seen many great teachers emerge in our time and channel deep spiritual insight through this medium, even though they only half understood their own message.

Psychotropic Drugs
There is a great cultural lie in our modern society that drugs were never a part of great spiritual journeys. The science of archeology reveals the depth of this deception. Those who promote this lie do so out of spiritual poverty, ignorance and the fear that grows out of that poverty and ignorance. Many ancient spiritual traditions employed psychotropic drugs as a means to gain transcendent experience. Those who use them, however, understand their use and their limitations and, like any good tool, use them accordingly. These substances have the great power to awaken those who are deep asleep and inspire them to begin their spiritual journey. In themselves, they are a dead end. With the right guidance, most who use them come to recognize this limitation.

All of the above methods are “technology” by its general definition. Science, however, is our greatest technology. Technology assists us in achieving our goals and meeting our needs through co-operative and methodical study of this dimension of experience. Science is open-minded and flexible. Science shares findings and keeps a record of learning. Science does not recognize one person as an authority but relies upon a method of investigation and learning. Science allows each person to encounter the unknown and shape his or her own opinion. Science encourages argument and tries to engage it with mutual respect. Science is our ultimate tool. It is a liberating tool when used properly. We have entered an age when it is possible to use science to study spirit and many scientists are doing it. This means that all of our focus as a species is merging into the study of the nature of our being. This can only lead to a profound transformation of our species. Through this method we can openly share our spiritual ideas, experiences and investigations in an open platform. We can evolve tools to assist others in their spiritual adventure and accelerate their understanding. Biofeedback is one such tool that can help with this task. Science learned about this tool from ancient schools of wisdom. Just read the work of Herbert Benson in the Relaxation Response. Since the publication of that work the science of spirit has grown. Recently Richard Davidson has been mapping brainwaves to reveal the neurophysics of states of consciousness that lead to the experience of God. Amrit Goswami has published literature explaining the physics behind the neurophysics. These are just a few. It is time to let go of your fear that science might mislead religion and religion might mislead science. They were a marriage already made in heaven. Join the wedding feast and liberate the world.

Belief and faith are hollow superstition unless they are based on direct experience.




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